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QBloc® and Fiber

QBloc® Moldable and Fiber Products

In addition to offering calcium silicate products from our partner, Industrial Products International, Inc. in Englewood, Colorado, manufactures our own high-temperature, non-wetting, fiber moldable products. As both Refractory Ceramic Fiber (RCF) and soluble fiber based, these products are used on patching refractory joints and around burner blocks and molten aluminum launder troughs and ladles.

QBIoc® Fused Silica

Our company produces world-class consumable fused silica parts for use in the copper casting process. Parts are produced per customer drawings or 3D models. Some of the parts we make include:

• Spouts: Available in Fused Silica & Silicon Carbide Depending on the Application
• Floats: Designed to Work with Our Spouts or Made to Your Specifications
• Control Rods or Pins: Available to Fit Our Spouts or Made to Your Specifications
• Ladles: Available in Fused Silica
• Nozzles: for Bottom Pour Systems or Pouring Lips for Open Ladles
• Troughs, Launders, Runner Box Liners, & Runner Box Inserts

QBloc® Moldable

QBloc® Moldable provides excellent insulation and thermal shock resistance. It contains a wet, inorganic binder that provides massive strength and hardness at elevated temperatures up to 2,300° Fahrenheit (1,260° Celsius).

QBloc® Moldable has quickly become a favorite choice for patching refractory in aluminum applications and has the perfect consistency to allow for many application methods such as caulking, troweling, or using your hands. It is instantly recognizable by the green containers, which are available in one gallon and five gallon pails.

Non-Respirable Paper and Blankets

All Non-Respirable (NR) fiber products have a minimum fiber diameter of five microns. If you are concerned about the possible adverse health effects of breathing fine diameter fibers, opt for our NR products. NR products are available in paper, blanket, and HT blanket. These products are designed for use in the non-ferrous metals and appliance industry.

Products for Gasket Applications

QBloc® LT is an industry standard for gasket applications that helps reduce heat loss and air leakage, protect critical components, and reduce surface temperatures in narrow spaces. It is also manufactured using NR fibers. Products include:

• QBloc® Moldable
• Non RCF Moldable
• Boron Nitride
• Graphite Coating and Sealers

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